I learned about scent work in 2015 while taking an agility class with my Australian Shepherd Kona.  We began classes and soon I was hooked on the sport.  We passed our ORTs and started to compete at every trial we could, sometimes traveling to Arizona, Colorado, Missouri and Illinois to play the game.  One look at Kona while she is working and I know she loves this sport. And while I do love to trial and earn those pretty ribbons, I sometimes find the pressure to be perfect at trial to be a little discouraging.  After a few trials without a title (no matter how well you worked as a team) and you find yourself asking why am I doing this? 

I started Nose Pros to remind everyone why they started scent work in the first place – because you love spending time with your dog and your dog loves hunting for odor.  Remember that initial excitement and pure joy you had the first time your dog found a hide and the smile your dog had on his face when he knew that he pleased you? 

While Nose Pros will host traditional trials, our focus will be on social events that allow participants to play the game without having to be perfect each time.  Some events will be more competitive than others, but all of them will focus on having fun with your dog and with fellow dog enthusiasts.

Carrie Smith